Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting My Hands Dirty

It's a familiar question - "So what do you do on Mackinac in the winter?"

The reality is, there's a lot to do in the winter. In fact, there's some kind of activity going on every night of the week. In the past, I've taken drawing and painting classes, cooking classes taught by a Culinary Institute graduate and more. And most activities are either free or at very low cost.

This year, I'm taking a pottery class. Like most things on the Island, it's pretty unstructured,

"so, what do you want to make, I'll give you some tips", definitely not "tonight you will roll balls for exactly five minutes".

Here's one of my projects, kind of a nature inspired small sculpture. Well, okay it's pretty fungusy looking - but I can't wait to see it with some glaze!


  1. i LoVE it - it's definitely very earthy - i can't wait to see the finished piece!!!