Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dancing Snowflakes

Like a large area of the country, we received lots of snow this week. Unlike a large area of the country, this is cause for celebration on the Island - our school didn't close for snow days, the snow makes it easier to get around here, out come the snowmobiles, skis and snowshoes.

In honor of all the snowflakes that joined us this week, here are some snowflakes from some artists at Etsy.

Here's a fun accessory from Ayca, snowflakes to adorn your neck.

These little watercolor snowflakes from cynthiacallan are each unique - just like the real thing!

This incredible"Snowflake Forest" is an original watercolor from UssherArt.

Porcelain snowflakes with a cobalt background, from obrienobjects, perfect for your tree.

Here's a "snowflake" to remind us of those bikes we won't be riding for several months, from 1byliz, made from a recycled bicycle sprocket.

And we end with a snowflake that could be displayed all year round, from ShadyGroveStudios, a sparkling beveled glass flake.

I hope you enjoyed this brief snow shower, I hope there's many more to come before Spring !


  1. Greetings from snowy Wisconsin. Thanks you for including my stained glass snowflake in your blog post. I'm humbled to have my work included with so many other lovely works of art.

  2. I was honored to be picked a part of this beautiful artworks. Thank you for picking my Snowflake necktie too...

  3. They sure are very pretty, I love snowflakes.


  4. Wooow great selections! I love this wonderful snowflakes nectie creation!!!

  5. Dancing Snowflakes,,,beatiful defination and beatiful collection

  6. beautiful snowflakes.. awesome scarf!

  7. beautiful, i love snowflakes!!!