Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Just Not Pretty, but...

It's that time, the "Shoulder Season", and it's come early this year.

It's all melting during the day and refreezing at night - falling has become a fact of life.
And the "debris" revealed by that melting sight is not pleasant viewing and even less pleasant to walk through.

The main roads are clear for the most part, but those less traveled were still quite rough - until today, when they were scrapped. Yes, there are plows on the Island.
The speed limit signs won't be needed again for awhile.
And there's sleds, as well as bikes, parked (temporarily abandoned?) in some odd places - where you need to be dictates how you'll get there.

But the melt can lead to some interesting patterns; the dark color of a leaf fallen months ago, provided just enough heat retention to melt the snow in that spot first.

It's not all bad, the tulips have broken ground in front of Grand Hotel - very early. Will they bloom equally early?

And the best sign of spring - BOATS!!!!!

Well, maybe. I'll get really excited if the make it out of the harbor on the St Ignace side.

I'll be riding my bike to work tomorrow, well actually I'll be pushing it through the sludge for awhile until I reach the main road, clear sailing then!

The big question - will I be able to peddle all the way back up after a winter of walking?


  1. like seeing the island during this time of year. believe me it is even less pretty in/on the mitt.

  2. Yes the slushy muddy seasonis upon us but promise it brings for spring!!! You live in such a magical place- good for you to get out and ride your bike!!! i REALLY DO WISH ThaT i DID NOT haVE A CAR TO RELY ON AND THEN i WOULD BIKE MORE OFTEN!!!
    Bravo to you!!!