Saturday, May 1, 2010

An Island IS Surrounded by Water

I've been asked quite a few times in the last several weeks, "have you given up beading - where's the new stuff?".

Well, no I haven't quit beading. In fact, I've spent the past six months beading nonstop and I think it's some of the most interesting work I've ever created ... and all for a very special exhibition.

Mackinac Island is going to have an incredible new addition this summer, the Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum. The inaugural exhibit is an invitation only, juried display of Island artists - and I received an invite!

I have a bit of a wait now, before I will know if any of my three pieces have been accepted. I stepped out of my usual box on these pieces, they are not what anyone will be expecting from me and no one has a hint of what I've done - until now.

Here's my first piece: "An Island IS Surrounded By Water".

It's an attempt to visualize the creation myth of the Island, a great turtle arising from the waters, the rock of the Island forming on his back. The turtle itself is primarily bead embroidery, the water is a cobination of peyote, netting and fringing.

He's very dimensional, but yet has movement - quite a feat for a turtle!


  1. wow-that must have taken a long time. i just love the turtle and what it signifies in michigans history.

  2. Just beautiful work!!! So glad folks bugged you to post some of your work!!

  3. I'm just speechless. He is gorgeous!

  4. There are not words for this guy...he is beautiful! Best of luck with his showing!