Friday, July 23, 2010

A Forest...

... of masts!

Last weekend was the 86th Port Huron to Mackinac Race; having the racers arrive is always exciting and the energy level is so high you can almost see the air vibrate.

The Beau Geste of Hong Kong, was the first to arrive, in just over 47 hours, but not the winner - after the time was corrected based on handicap, she placed second in her division. She's a huge yacht, 80' long with a mast that towers 130' above the water.

There was a total of 206 yachts; they overflow the marina and line the space between the main dock and the coal dock.

Having arrived, the work isn't over. Gear must be dried, note the sails spread on the grass. Everything needs to be stashed away, many will be racing again this weekend, the Chicago to Mackinac.

I suspect I view the races just a bit differently from most spectators - I see color, form, reflections, repetition of pattern, etc. With all the energy floating about, who wouldn't be inspired?

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  1. nice photos. on twitter island book store and sheplers have been tweeting about mackiTAC_2010 - sounds like at least 50 tweeps are coming to mackinac island to tweet and meet during the race. i am one of those participating via computer at home.