Thursday, April 14, 2011

Springtime on Mackinac

Look closely - you can still see just a bit of ice along the shore, but the signs of spring are starting to appear. The water near the main docks is crystal clear and just look at the brilliant colors:
This is the type of image I've been experimenting with on my 365 Project - realistic abstraction - giving the appearance of abstraction by how I choose to shoot, atypical angles, close up, etc. Taking things out of their normal context gives a whole new perspective.

The woods are starting to green up, just the mosses so far, but buds are beginning to appear on the trees.

No wildflowers just yet, but I spotted the first crocus this week:

The tulips have sprouted in front of Grand Hotel and these daffodils are reaching skyward:

The migrating wildlife is returning, this female merganser is being avidly courted by a bevy of males:

And the resident wildlife is becoming far more active too:

Everyday more seasonal employees arrive:

(Human ones too!)

There's "projects" going on everywhere - repairing, renewing, renovating. It's possible to bring over heavy equipment by special permit, but only for a very brief window of time; this time of year it's not so unusual to encounter a truck or front end loader, but they'll be gone again in just a few days.

One of the "big barns" is getting a new roof: it's greening up too!

Happy Spring!


  1. OH, seeing the horses I just remembered that there was a show about Mackinac Island on "Dirty Jobs" a few years ago. I can't remember now what it was about. I think it had something to do with the horses though.

  2. I remember that show. We don't get cable, and when my daughter and I took a trip to Mackinac Island (and stayed in Mackinaw City) we watched TV in the hotel room at night. We were surprised and delighted to watch the Dirty Jobs episode about manure-handling on the island. What a coincidence that we were there, watching that episode...

  3. That program focused on our composting program, starting with street sweeping and hauling the restaurant waste; it ended with planting geraniums on Grand's porch. Rumor has it they'll be back this season to film another show.