Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bead Journal Project - February 2011

Finally!!! February is finished.

Here's the inspiration image:

I'm using the same image but varying the beading technique each month - this time I used square stitch. Superficially, it looks the same as January's loom work but the techniques are quite different. With loom work, an entire row of beads is added all together, with square stitch each and every bead is added individually - one by one by one by one....

Square stitch is great for small projects and there are no warp threads to finish, but I will never do a piece this large in square stitch again - it just takes too long and it's difficult to maintain proper tension and spacing.

Some additional changes from January's project are the size of the beads, this month I used size 11/o, which results in less detail. I also used a deeper toned color palette.


  1. Oh that is just lovely! I really enjoy square stitch personally...I feel like it is a somewhat undervalued stitch :-)

  2. Oh wow. i have made an amulet in square stitch and you are right about the time it takes.

  3. This is just wonderful!!! Fantastic!!!

  4. oh how pretty and thats a great representation of the picture. what will you do with it?
    Analisa in Dubai