Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Touring Michigan - Boyne City Farmers Market

I love living on Mackinac, but there are a few things available in the "real world" that I do miss - and one of those things is visiting the farmer's market on a regular basis.

I recently discovered a great farmer's market in Boyne City; it's been in operation since 1982 and currently has over 70 vendors, all located within a 30 mile radius.

There was a very long line waiting to purchase raspberries - they were HUGE, and ours didn't make it back to the car, we ate them all as we strolled.

There were lots of flowers available, especially sunflowers.

I would have loved a bouquet, but it just isn't practical when camping in a tent.

Actually, I think I would have come home with bushels of produce if we hadn't been camping, it all looked so wonderful.

There was so much more than produce and flowers on display, we sampled some wonderful cheeses from Farm Country Cheese House (a pound or so came home with us), discovered Cook Family Farms meats, tasted (and purchased) artichoke pesto, and tried our best to be strong and resist all the incredible baked goods.

Farm markets offer so much to a community, providing positive financial opportunities for the farmer, making a variety of locally grown and made farm products directly available for purchase, as well as encouraging direct communication between local farmers and their customers.

Eat local!

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  1. How appropriate! Your post comes at the tail end of National Farmers' Market Week. I'm sorry you don't have farmers and markets on the Island. That's kind of a sad thought. Love the photos...