Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Touring Michigan: The Chippewa County Fair

I can't remember the last time we went to a county fair, certainly not in the ten years we've been on Mackinac, but this past Saturday we were looking for something fun to do nearby (but definitely OFF Island) - so we went to the Chippewa County Fair.

First on the agenda was looking at all the animals; while we see plenty of horses on a daily basis, there's no longer any other livestock on Mackinac.

I had to laugh at these guys, one of our local poets just published a new anthology entitled "Low Down and Coming On: A Feast of Delicious and Dangerous Poems About Pigs" - I wonder what they would think about being thus immortalized?

The sheep in spandex were pretty funny too!

I loved this sign, it's right to the point!

I really enjoyed walking the midway; it was exactly as I remembered with the rides and games, all the colors and activity.

This was a bit different, I sure don't remember ATM's at the fair before! But I bet it gets a lot of use.

Going to the fair and eating food with no nutritional redeeming value is just a must...

Does the ice cream count as a serving of dairy?

Last we toured all the 4-H exhibits, it's just not a fair without giant vegetables.

As well as intricate needlework projects:

And preserves:

My husband showed at the fair years ago,as we walked about he kept saying "I was sooo tired by Saturday night, but it was sooo much fun!"

We had a great time and it's a great place to remember where all our food really comes from: The Farm - not the grocery store.

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