Monday, November 28, 2011

Late November

"Late November" really is late - it was intended to be my submission for the October monthly challenge - but better late than never!

Here's the inspiration piece:

A Hedgehog in a Landscape, 1643-51, by Giovanna Garzoni.

One of the first women artists to practice the art of still life painting, Giovanna Garzoni pursued her career with intensity. Garzoni's paintings were so well liked that, according to one writer, she could sell her work "for whatever price she wished."

Garzoni's paintings depict plants with their roots and flowers, in the scientific tradition of Ligozzi, but she animates her compositions by adding insects, reptiles, and small fruits and nuts, each casting a faint shadow on the page. These vibrant paintings display a conscious yet subtle balance between scientific realism and decorative effect.

I drew my color palette for this piece from the painting: taupe, bronze, rust, copper - the colors of late fall.

The twisting beadwoven necklace base emulates the coils of the snail shell. The copper clasp shares the shape of the horse chestnuts.

I made the pendent in a winter pottery class a couple years ago, the seed pod shape seemed the perfect focal point for this piece.

Typically, we associate the blazing colors of autumn leaves with fall beauty, but when that showy season passes, the more subtle beauties of late fall remain - a beauty that relies upon texture and form. That's what I feel I've achieved with "Late November" - do you agree?

Available for purchase here.

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