Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ice - January 2012 Bead Journal Project

Some of you may be wondering "what IS she thinking, starting yet another project when she can't manage to finish 2011?" - well, it's true, I am still working on 2011 and for for me, that's the key: I AM still working on it and I will finish!

I've decided to go in a very different direction with my 2012 Bead Journal Project: I will be creating a series of personal runes. My format is going to be much smaller this year, using beach stones as a base.

I've collected stones from the beach here on Mackinac and each will be adorned with an actual object or representation that has personal significance to me. I plan to create a beaded bag to hold my runes at the end. I hope to also write an interpretation for each rune and create an accompanying hand bound book, but I bead better than I write, so that may not end up happening!

I started with a piece of lake glass, collected at British Landing here on the Island and created a beaded bezel using peyote stitch. I attached this to the stone using freeform netting, which allowed peeks of the underlying stone to be visible.


I chose to represent ice for many reasons, some personal and some universal.

 Living on a small island in northern Michigan, the formation of ice transforms life for all of us living here,primarily by preventing the ferry from running to the mainland. If weather prevents the planes from flying, we are completely cut off, completely self reliant. Some years, there is another transformation - if the lake freezes over completely, an "ice bridge" forms and we are no longer an island; we have the ability to come and go at will, without being held to the schedule of ferry or plane.

Thus far this year, there is no ice at all. If the weather continues as it has, we may have ferries running all winter, which has only happened once before.

Ice in the form of snow transforms the landscape and ice can do this in more powerful ways - I live in a area of the world formed by the power of ice in the form of glaciers.

Ice is cold and hard - great when it's in your glass cooling your beverage, not so great when you've just tumbled down upon it's slippery surface.

So here's the first for 2012, I'm looking forward to creating eleven more!


  1. Oh, wow! So very cool! It's a lovely piece.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  2. Wow, this is really cool and it really does look like ice. Including inspirational photos in this post are helpful. There are probably some people that have never seen ice on a lake. Not me, of course, being raised on Lake Michigan myself!

  3. Very interesting post and lovely beading. I chuckle at the comments that it's cool-ice would be. LOL


  4. It's beautiful and reminds me of the ice when I was in school in Montana.

  5. Very lovely piece! I have also beaded a rock for a project recently but my rock came from Lake Superior (see my blog @ '')
    Thanks for sharing your rock....again really nice.

  6. Very cool! I like the idea of creating your own runes and this one is stunning. (And does look like ice!)

  7. This LOOKS like a piece of ice! I love the idea of personal runes too. This will be fun to follow.

    BTW, I just finished up one of my unfinished journal quilts from the very first BJP. It's never too late to get them done!

  8. This is so lovely! I love this creative idea and the ice rocks is so cool! I can't wait to see more!