Sunday, April 8, 2012

Growth - Bead Journal Project April 2012

 My rune stone for April is "Growth" or perhaps "Potential" - I'm having trouble deciding, but in a way they represent the same concept, for only when we grow can we reach our full potential.

Growth is easiest when the conditions are ideal, but suboptimal conditions can also stimulate growth - think of a plant growing long and lanky to reach the sun and only blooming once it reaches the nourishing rays.

The focal point of my stone is an acorn cap, found beneath the oak tree in our yard - from small beginnings grows the mighty oak! I created a beaded bezel in greens and browns and continued the beading in two drop peyote in brown beads, to represent soil.

A good portion of the bottom is open, so the base beach stone can be seen. There is a a smattering of green beads and copper wire "rootlets", to further represent the need to stretch or reach out in order to grow. 

I'm really very pleased at how my rune stones are coming together; they've been such a pleasure to work and it's really, really hard to believe I'm a third of the way through this project - eight more to go!


  1. This is great Kelly. I'd go for 'Growth', especially as you've put in the wire rootlets. I love the idea of working with found objects and you've created something special with each one.

  2. Kelly, this is wonderful. I love the idea as well as the overall look of the piece.

  3. Such a lovely choice of green for this month's project. Just perfect against your wonderfully textured two-drop peyote brown. And those rootlets sprouting at the bottom! A stop by your blog always propels me in new creative directions!

  4. Thanks for all the kind comments! I'm having so much fun experimenting with this project and while they all look quite different, they "go" so well together.

  5. This piece is super, super!!!! I can't even find words to tell you how much I like the concept and the way you show the acorn>tree>roots. It seems to hold an important truth for me.... love it!