Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Maple Sugar" - A Mixed Media Necklace

I've been revisiting a technique I've used in the past - mixed media pendents.

This photograph is my starting point:

It's Sugar Loaf, one of the many geological curiosities here on Mackinac Island. It stands 75' tall and in the fall is surrounded by a patchwork of bright maples and the greens of pine and cedar. The best view is from Point Lookout, which gives a panorama of the woods with the lake in the background.

I transferred the photo onto silk and then embellished the details with embroidery in silk and cotton and, of coarse, beads!

 A simple Italian mesh chain is the perfect answer to making this piece functional.

Available for purchase here.

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  1. You captured the beauty of the rock and its surroundings brilliantly with beads. A stroll over to your blog is ALWAYS a creative treat!