Thursday, January 10, 2013

Self - December 2012 Bead Journal Project

A few days late, but 2012 is complete!

My December rune stone represents the force of self-knowledge; if we are willing to evaluate and embrace both our strengths and faults, we can become forces in our own future and lives.

My found object is a small beveled mirror, salvaged from an Edwardian purse - it is quite flawed, only allowing a true reflection in bits and pieces. Our self-knowledge is usually equally flawed, distorted and glimpsed in tiny, isolated portions.

Bands of peyote stitch bind the mirror to the stone - just as we are bound by our flawed perceptions.

2012 is complete, but I don't think I'm finished exploring this concept; expect more rune stones in the future.


  1. What a project for the year!! They all turned out so beautiful and your descriptions are so insightful. Great, great project. What will 2013 bring? Happy Beading

  2. Wow. Stunning. That mirror is a great find!

  3. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see 2013's creations!

  4. A fabulous year of beading, Kelly. The thoughts woven into your pieces are equally valuable.