Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Knotty Mystery

I've been enamored of vintage clothing and accessories for a very long time - I started collecting as a teenager, and, no, I won't be telling you how long ago that was!

But I've never encountered a piece of fancywork quite like this purse or reticule, that was part of a box lot that I recently purchased.

The knotting is beautiful and very skillfully done, each and every knot is virtually identical. But it's the material used that really is unusual - numerous shoelaces!

The metal aglets even form a kind of "fringe"!

I've spent some time trying to research the technique, and while knotting or macrame is frequently referenced in the Victorian era periodicals, I've found NO reference to using shoelaces as the cording.

Has anyone ever seen another example? Or directions? Please do share if you have any information!

Available for purchase here.

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