Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Weighty Matter

Lead sinkers seem like an unusual sewing item, especially for a bathing suit - I know the guy at the sportings goods store thought so!

NOTE TO SELF: Sometimes it's better not to explain why you need particular items.

But last year, we discovered why it was suggested in period descriptions of 1860's bathing costumes - without them, your skirt resembles a jellyfish, floating on the water.

Lead was suggested, I'm sure because it does not rust. These days, lead is not as readily available as in the period. However, lead split shot sinkers are still used for fishing and can be purchased in small quantities.

The split made it very easy to attach to heavy wool cord...

Just a quick squeeze to keep them in place, an inch apart.

I opened a bit of the hem and carefully fed the cord in, securing each end.

But was it enough weight?

I'll let you know soon!

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