Tuesday, December 24, 2013

And the Ice is Here!

We are officially ice-bound:  Arnold Transit suspended service TODAY, due to ice in the harbor in St. Ignace.

In the eleven years we've lived on Mackinac, this is the earliest ending of ferry service - should be a good winter!

We will be dependent on the planes now for mail, freight/groceries and for moving people on and off Island, unless an ice bridge forms - seems likely given the frigid temps we've had lately.

There is a long tradition of delivery via ice to Mackinac, here's an excerpt from Godey's Lady's Magazine, circa 1863:

                                                                                                                            Mackinac, Mich.

Dear Sir: Would you like to know the mode of conveyance by which the Lady’s Book reaches these almost Arctic Regions? It is by dog-teams. From Saginaw to this place, a distance of over two hundred miles, our mail matter, in the winter season, is brought to us on men’s backs and dog-teams. We have a weekly mail; and each weekly party consists of two man and three dogs with a long traine de glisse, to which the latter are harnessed. This traine is generally made of an oak board two or three-eighths of an inch thick, about a foot wide, and eight or ten feet long, with the forward part nicely turned up. On this are strapped mail-bags, and the provisions for the men and dogs. This would sound strange to those who live in well-improved parts of the country. Yesterday the thermometer ranged between four and twenty degrees below zero; and this morning it stood twenty-four degrees below. The ice in these straits, and Lake Huron in this vicinity, is from eighteen to twenty-eight inches thick; no sign of an early opening of navigation. I hear that your subscribers at this place are much pleased with the Lady’s book.

And thus, the ladies of the Island were able to keep current on the latest fashions!

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  1. Merry Christmas to you! Glad you're having a real winter this year.