Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Local Eats

I'm very excited!!!

We recently signed up with Local Eats, an interesting variation on the CSA(Community Supported Agriculture) concept. While there are traditional CSA's within driving distance, we just aren't able to commit to traveling off-Island to pick up our share every week, but Local Eats works with local farmers and will deliver our basket to one of the local ferries for us to pick up on arrival on the Island - although Ann Marie did say it felt rather like putting an infant on the boat unattended!

Last week we received our first basket:

A dozen eggs
Fresh Oregano
Several types of Lettuce
Green Onions
A Bouquet of Flowers

We've been eating very well, lots of salads, a spinach and white bean soup, a couple of frittatas, black pepper pasta with arugula, buttermilk rhubarb cake and a fabulous rhubarb and raisin relish.

Really looking forward to tomorrow's delivery!


  1. local eats sounds just perfect for island living. What happens when winter comes?

    1. No winter deliveries, unfortunately! But we will have a well stocked freezer and pantry and rely on Doud's, our on-island grocery for fresh produce - just not locally grown.