Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bonds of Love

This pair of bracelets were my submission for the Thursday Sweet Treat challenge, "Love Stikes".

They are loom woven, and include an Edwardian technique I've not tried before - the center braided portion is done while the piece is still on the loom, by lifting and braiding the warp threads. It's actually much easier than it looks, the toughest part is lining it all up again, so as to complete the final solid portion.

I completed the loom work quite some time ago, but just couldn't decide how to finish the ends and add a clasp. I ended up adding three clasps, well , what can I say, the Edwardians thought if a little trim was good, a lot was even better!

So what do these have to do with love?

Starting and ending together (with any luck!),

running in parallel and twining round each other;

stuck tight in the meantime,

such are the bonds of love....


  1. That's a beautiful bracelet - the braiding adds such an intricate touch

  2. How very cool that you made these with a loom!! I'm very impressed!


  3. Hey Friend, I'm following you now, but I wanted to add that I've been to your little island and found it positively beautiful. I was there is Aug. but I can imagine what the winters are like. Today is Easter and I still have on a heavy jacket. BTW your work is gorgeous.Best Wishes, Sue

  4. Thanks Sue!

    We're still wearing heavy jackets too and there's still plenty of snow on the ground, especially in the woods - but at least the roads are somewhat clear. Come back and visit again!