Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Beauties

I finally finished another page for my beaded herbarium; the flowers are spring beauties, one of the first wildflowers to bloom here on the Island and they're not blooming yet, as it's still quite cold. They push themselves up through the leaf litter and gently sway in the breeze, in various shades of pale pink, purple and white.

I printed the inspiration photo onto silk and then bead embroidered over it. This was my first attempt to duplicate birch bark in beads; I'm relatively pleased with the results.

Here's the inspiration photo:


  1. Wow!! That's beautiful. So Impressed.

  2. ohmygoodness...stunning! had to mention it :D

  3. The inspiration photo is lovely and you recreated it gorgeously in your design! I love spring beauties, too. They are up here.
    I took a wild edibles class once and discoved that the tubers are edible. Here's what I found online today: The edible, underground tubers were relished by Native Americans and early pioneers because of their chestnut-like flavor. The leaves were added to salads, or fed to their animals. (But PLEASE don't take my word for it. Check it out thoroughly first.)