Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Boats Come In

I recently participated in an interesting creative exercise, which involved writing a love story in a maximum of twenty words.

Reading the other participants efforts was truly amazing, you'd be surprised how much can be expressed with twenty carefully chosen words.

Here's my attempt:

The Boats Come In: A Non-traditional Love Story

The boats come in, carrying seekers of myth, beauty, tradition, history; I am aboard. The boats go out; I remain.

You can read more at the Thursday Sweet Treat, maybe you'll be tempted to write your own twenty word story.


  1. Love it! Semicolons are very helpful.

    Daughter and I will be on the island next week for a day. My third time; the first was when I was in my late 30s (ah, those wasted years!). I don't know if I could live there year 'round, but I go for a visit now whenever I can.

  2. good story. A traditional haiku is 17 words. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes less allows us to use our imaginations more.