Thursday, May 28, 2009

Queen of the Spring: Trillium

Trillium graceful, Trillium white, Star of the woodland, lady of light .....Milena Mateska

The trillium is truly the Queen of the Spring, with triple petals, sepals and leaves, startling white on the woodland floor.

Trillium have served as inspiration for the following Etsy artists, enjoy!

This is an incredible linocut from
GwenOttingerArtworks, many of her pieces are botanically inspired.

This tile, from northfirestudio is a very graphic representation of the triple petals and leaves.

Here's a whimsical representation from GentleSuds- as soap!

And finally, a magnificent serigraph from HarmstonArts.

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  1. I love trilliums and I'm enthralled by the linocuts of GwenOttingerArtworks. Thanks for sharing all of these!