Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playing Tourist - Part Three (Greatly Delayed)

I've been very tardy in posting my final installment of playing tourist in the Eastern UP for a day, but part three is worth the wait: The Seney National Wildlife Refuge.
Seney was established in 1935 and encompasses over 95,000 acres in an area locally known as the Great Manistique Swampland provides habitat for wildlife including ducks, bald eagles, osprey, common loons, trumpeter swans, river otters, beavers, black bears, moose and gray wolves.
There is a visitor's center with great interactive displays, hiking/biking trails and a 7 mile "Marshland Wildlife" drive with numerous observation decks.

During our visit (which was very rushed as we were running out of time) we saw numerous wildflowers, swans, loons, sandhill cranes and an eagle - pretty good considering the less than optimal conditions during our visit.

The following images are just a tiny glimpse of the beauty we experienced; it's well worth your time and effort to make a visit yourself.

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  1. What lovely photographs! I would love to visit some day! I've heard so much about the UP. And your photos make it even more alluring.