Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Trip to the Past - Charleton Park Living History

We spent the past weekend at Charleton Park near Hastings, Michigan participating in the Civil War living history event. It's a lovely recreated village that allows plenty of opportunities to play and a bit of reunion with many old friends.

Nearly all Civil War events include a "Fashion Show" for the spectators, to provide some education on exactly why we wear these funny clothes anyways; this was my first experience as the commentator. I didn't have a great deal of notice (10 minutes - yikes!!) but it went fairly well and I'll be better prepared for next year.
We also were a stop on the lantern tour, which occurs after dark, with the spectators experiencing brief glimpses of war time. This year there was a field hospital, an execution, a tavern, etc. At our stop, "Sister" and I scurried about packing essentials, hiding the valuables, preparing to quickly become refugees, as our head of household drunken held forth regarding the "damn Yankees" and how ridiculous we were to attempt to safe anything, including ourselves.

The highlight of the weekend was definitely the barn dance Saturday evening, not only because I love period dance but because it was the "professional debut" for some friends who have been working hard on their impressions as musicians - they were fabulous!

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