Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a Little Sole - Part Five

I know it's been quite some time since I've reported in on my slipper sole experiments - just too many projects and not enough time!

And I'm afraid I have not finished the next experiment yet, BUT I do have something interesting to share: a pair original slippers!

They are straight lasts:

Note the stamped design, which was referenced in a previous post:

Given the mid-19th century craze for "Turkish" design, the "Sultana" designation is interesting.

Stylistically, they are very similar to patterns given in Peterson's and Godey's, right down to the ribbons for size adjustment at the ankles.

And due to their age, we can get a peek at how they were constructed - just whipped to the purchased soles, using the small canvas strip on the soles themselves.

The soles show no wear , inside or out, and have an attached cushy wool insole - they would be warm and toasty to wear.

I promise, I WILL resume my experiments, but not until fall!

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  1. VERY cool slippers....they remind me of some knitted period slippers I own, which also have the cushy wool inside...these could very easily be "carriage boots"...meant to be worn over those thin slippers while in the carriage.