Sunday, August 9, 2009

Leaving a Print

Our local art gallery, was looking for a way to keep visiting children entertained while their parents enjoyed the gallery; I developed a series of "Make It & Take It" projects, the most successful by far is the print making project.

The projects had to meet several criteria:

1.) Low cost,

2.) Not too messy,

3.) Not take too long to complete.

Each project has two components, a board with a brief description of the background of the project:
And a second board with step by step instructions:

STEP 1: Imagine a design:

STEP 2: Draw your design on the foam square:

STEP 3: Cut out your design, remember the parts you cut away will not print.

STEP 4: Using the glue stick, glue the foam design to the wooden square.

STEP 5: Carefully press your block on an ink pad, make sure to ink the entire design.

STEP 6: Press the block on a printing sheet, apply pressure on the entire block.

STEP 7: Lift the block and view your print! Please make two prints, one to take home and one for us to display and share.

The participants are welcome to take their block with them if they wish. I've been amazed at the wonderfully artistic creations that have resulted given the uncomplicated materials, the short time spent on making the prints and the young ages of the artists.

Given our location, it's not surprising that horses are a popular subject:

Also popular are hearts, flowers and cats: I sincerely hope this small project will leave a lasting imprint on all the young artists, showing them that being creative and artistic doesn't necessarily require elaborate supplies or space, just imagination and desire!


  1. How sweet is this?? Kudos to you and to the kiddos!

  2. WHAT FUN!!! GREAT idea!!!! :O)

  3. great project! What did they cut the foam with?

  4. We use blunt nosed, short, safety scissors, the foam cuts very easily.