Thursday, April 1, 2010

Island Topiary

Topiary was a frequent garden feature of the grand estates of the past, but these days, most grand estates are actually commercial enterprises.

Here on Mackinac, it's Grand Hotel that includes topiary in their Tea Garden, a life size team of horses and carriage. This style of topiary differs from that shown in the Topiary Garden's display, being formed of chicken wire forms filled with moss and dirt and planted with ivy and other plants.

This style is more typical for indoor applications, but it has some definite advantages for this type of display: it can be easily moved, especially important for winter protection, using a variety of plants can add to the look and plants can be replaced if damaged.

These are a favorite photo opportunity for visitors, it's easy to see why:


  1. How neat! I haven't been on the island in over 40 years! how beautiful!! There are advantages to living every where!

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous!! What great pictures.