Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playing With Dirt

Or otherwise known as Pottery Class Year 2.

I'm definitely not a true potter, but I discovered last winter that I really do enjoy playing with clay and getting my hands dirty.

Last night was the grand unveiling of our completed projects; I chose to create items with ferns as my inspiration this year and I'm quite pleased with my creations. Fiddlehead ferns have such a beautiful form as they slowly unfold and my interpretation of a tightly coiled fiddlehead is by far my favorite.

Most of my classmates were concentrating on creating functional items, they seemed to find my pieces troubling, "What are you going to do with it?" was a frequent question directed to me. And when I replied, "I have no idea - I just wanted to see what I could do", it was clearly an unacceptable response.

Sometimes it's good to just play, to see what happens, to not be so terribly serious about results, especially when you're working outside your usual medium.

Have you played recently?


  1. i think the best creations are as free and creative as you want them to be! that's the whole point of being an artist! not being bound by structure and form. i think your answer was acceptable :)

  2. Lovely work! I'm right there with you, I enjoy the process of making things, and don't necessarily have a plan.

    I wish I had access to a kiln!

  3. I know who is the true artist in your pottery class! Your fiddleheads are stunning, I would love to have one hanging around my house waiting to become functional!