Saturday, August 28, 2010

August "Cycling"...Again

I just recently noticed that my original post for August "Cycling" was actually July...again...oops!

What can I say, it gets a little crazy Mackinac in the summer and we all start suffering from "August Attitude" - I hope to recover soon.

So here is the proper post for August, a bull thistle.

It was difficult to capture the colors, as the flower is not just a flat purple, but a variety of purples, pinks and every combination in between.

The textures were fun to replicate, there's a lot of layering and dimension to this one.

I choose to eliminate the bee from the final image; I wanted to focus on the botanical aspect, as this is meant to be an herbarium page.

September soon!


  1. really nice!!! i know august attitude seems to hit both sides of the summer circuit - i.e. tourist and tourist destinations.

  2. That is so beautiful! The colours are lovely!