Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dinner in the Vineyard

You just know it's going to be a great evening when you're greeted by such a playful sign!

We recently enjoyed a special dinner, in the vineyard at L. Mawby, a winery on the Leelaneau peninsula that only makes sparkling wines.

The food was fabulous; each course was accompanied by a different sparking wine - and yes, sparkling works with all types of food.

We were surrounded by rows of grapes, soon to be harvested and transformed into wine.

Talk about locovore!

Making wine is as much about art as science, you just never can be sure what may happen.
And here's another bit of vineyard art, an incredible sculpture the artist calls a "Craven".

It was a wonderful evening: great company, good weather, fabulous food and wine - we just had to a bit home with us, to enjoy and remember on cold winter evenings!


  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Beautiful photos.

  2. i have heard a lot about this winery - i follow michigan by the bottle on twitter and facebook - this is one they mention often.