Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 Conference Highlights - Displays of Originals

The originals - I suspect this may be THE highlight of the Ladies and Gentlemen of the 1860's conference for many attendees. Literally hundreds of items will be displayed over the course of the weekend, as they change each day. Photography is most definitely allowed - I took over a thousand images - and the owners of the items are always happy to point out unexpected details or move an item to reveal more information.

This presented a bit of a challenge for me - how to pick what images to share, as posting all of them just isn't feasible. So I decided  to take a "Costume in Detail" approach, just sharing bits of many garments in a collage format.

We start with accessories:

Next is millinery:

And finally, fabrics and trims:

Pretty incredible eye candy, yes?

Remember, this is just a small fraction of what was on display.

When I'm asked, "Is conference really worth it?", I tend to be almost over-enthusiastic, because I truly believe it's worth every penny and every inconvenience involved. The opportunities to learn, to share, to shop and simply interact with other individuals who are committed to "getting it right" are priceless.

We'll be there in 2013 - and we'll be presenters!

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