Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Winter Ferry Ride

Arnold Transit started running ferries on February 28th this year, the earliest start since we've been living on Mackinac!

There's still some ice out there, as you can see - the scraping of the ice on the steel hull of the boat makes for some interesting sounds.

Most of the ice is thin as paper, just a skim on the water. It makes some really interesting patterns as it breaks and moves in the wake of the ferry.

That thin layer of ice acted somewhat like a mirror, catching the reflections of the Grand and the cottages on the West Bluff.

We obviously had some snow while we were away.

Coming around the break wall:

And approaching the harbor:

Coming into the dock:

There's our bikes, looks like we'll be walking home!

But that's okay, it's such a gorgeous day here on Mackinac.

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