Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Artists of Mackinac Island Exhibit

The show is open!!!!

Crooked Tree Arts Center is hosting a first time ever event - 24 Mackinac Island artists exhibiting together. Such an exhibit is just not possible on the Island, where space is always a limiting factor.

I have a number of pieces on display, including "Shell Game":

 "An Island IS Surrounded by Water":


"Forces - Rune Stones":

and my ongoing "Trillium Variations" series:


There's all types of media on display - photos, oils, water colors, jewelry, even a hand built boat!

Will you be in Northern Michigan this summer?

If so, try to plan a visit - it's an incredible show!

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  1. Wish I were going to be in Michigan this summer and I could see your work in person. That cycling sculpture is so intriguing, and it's a real treat to see all the rune stones together.