Saturday, June 16, 2012

Myth - June 2012 Bead Journal Project

Mythology, and more specifically the term myth, represents a common misconception in modern American society. This misconception has bred certain interchangeability with the term "lie," when the true, academic form of myth is quite different. It is these myths, steeped in every culture throughout history, that provide deeper meaning and understanding of our universe, world, society and people.

I choose to interpret the force of myth for my June rune stone.

The creation myth of Mackinac Island involves a "great turtle" rising from the watery depths and allowing his shell to become a home for all the land creatures. I used a vintage Czech glass button to represent the turtle shell - I've been saving this button for a long time, waiting for just the right project.

The button is changeable, sometimes green, sometimes a reddish pink, depending on the light; I thought this was a great way to show the mutability of myth, how myth can adapt to the changes of society and culture.


I beaded the remainder of the stone in a "camouflage" pattern, to represent the idea of myth camouflaging truth.

I need to make a confession - I actually have completed ten rune stones and they are on display at Crooked Tree Arts Center as a part of the "Artists of Mackinac Island" exhibit - and they've SOLD!

I will be completing my final two rune stones and I suspect many more - they've been so much fun to create and have been really well received by everyone who has had the opportunity to see them in person.


  1. Wow! What a great use for and interpretation of this vintage button! And congratulations on selling your runes... that's fabulous!

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