Sunday, October 7, 2012

PinPress Printing

PinPress printing is used in creating monotypes: monotypes are usually made by either painting or rolling inks onto a flat surface. This flat surface can be glass, Plexiglas, or sheet metal (etching plate). With the application of pressure the image will transfer onto the paper.

I had the pleasure of attending a Pinpress workshop recently, taught by Isabella Pizzano, as part of the International Society of Experimental Artists 2012 juried exhibition and symposium in Gloucester, Massachusetts - and I was thrilled to have a piece on exhibit too!

The basic technique is deceptively simple: apply ink and press. But the results can be unpredictable!


We were using Akua inks, which are great - intense colors, water clean up and has a long dry time, which gives plenty of time for manipulation.

The press itself is finely milled steel and it's heavy, which means not as much pressure needs to be manually applied.

I struggled with this technique; I usually liked my plates, but not the prints themselves - something seemed to get lost in the process.

But other's ended up with beautiful examples; maybe I just need more time to experiment with what works for me!

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