Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Transport - October 2012 Bead Journal Project

When I first started this project, I intentionally did not research the ancient rune stones, as I did not want to be influenced by tradition - yet two of my stones ended up exactly following the traditional!

The first was my January stone: Ice. The second is this month's stone Transport or Horse.

The Horse is a rune of travel and change; it may indicate a spiritual journey and the need for faith in your own destiny.

When this rune is reversed, it warns of a restlessness and a desire to escape by traveling or moving away from the problem - a passage away from pain.

On Mackinac, the horse is an integral part of the lifestyle, serving to transport both people and freight. Yet the horses themselves have a routine of transport, traveling to the mainland each fall and returning in the spring - a potent symbol of seasonal change.

I struggled with an appropriate found object for this particular stone, but when our new kitten broke a small horse figurine, I had my horse representation!

This grouping, my January - October stones,  was one of several pieces I exhibited at Crooked Tree Arts Center as part of their Artists of Mackinac Island show - and it sold!


  1. I love this horse. Fabulous! It's great to see the year in progress too. What a wonderful collection Kelly.

  2. Lovely and oh so different from your other ones. Now you only have two more to do. I have three, but hope to have October finished before the end of the month.

  3. Wow... your horse rune is fabulous. Congratulations on selling your pieces... but how on earth could you part with them. (I want some of that magic.) It's really great to see the picture of all of them grouped together. Amazing concept and so well done!