Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mackinac Spring

It looks a bit boring....

But if you look closer, there's a tremendous amount of life and activity!

There's an abundance of trout lilies this year, more than I ever remember seeing previously.

And spring beauties too!

Unfurling ferns are an especial favorite of mine.

I'm not sure if these are butterflies or moths, but there are plenty of them fluttering about, feasting on wildflower nectar.

Dutchman's breeches last such a brief time -
 I've only ever found them on one spot on Mackinac.

And violet's: in three differing colors!

The trillium's are just starting to make their appearance; more will be popping up soon.

A few hepatica still hanging on, they're usually the first wildflower to bloom here.

Spring blooms are a delight anywhere, but no where more so then the woods of Mackinac Island: in such abundant numbers and variety, it's easy to understand why the Victorians referred to Mackinac as the "Fairy Isle"!

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