Thursday, June 4, 2015

North of 45 - 2015

The North of the 45th is an annual juried exhibition of artists living in the geographical area north of the 45th parallel in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. This line is known as the halfway point between the equator and the north pole, and crossing this line from the south is often associated with being "up north." This exhibition showcases the breadth and depth of artists living in this upper Midwest region from both rural and urban areas. Each year a different juror is asked to select pieces for the exhibition from an open call for entries.

Currently Curator of Exhibitions at the Racine Art Museum, where she oversees the production and implementation of 10-15 exhibitions per year, juror Lena Vigna has a particular interest in the contemporary fields of adornment, sculpture, fiber, and installation. Lena has curated numerous solo and group exhibitions and written several essays that explore issues relevant to contemporary art and society.

A Juror's Choice award will be selected by the juror, with a prize of $500. An Audience Choice award in the amount of $250 will be given at the close of the exhibition, based onvotes by visitors to the exhibition.

Featuring work by: Will Agar, Kjellgren Alkire, Jamie Andress, Ezra Asohan, Brendan Baylor, Julie Benda, Kimberly Benson, Gregg Bruff, Tomas Co, Eileen Cohen, Samantha Corbett, Debbie Covart, Melissa Davidson, Dominic M. Davis, Andy Delany and Lauren Flynn, Gretchen Dorian, Kelly Dorman, Pete Driessen, Michael Eble, Jonathon Engelien, Kiera Faber, Nina Fiorucci, Jessie Fleury, Cynthia Foley, Michael Friend, Stacy Giroux, Greg Green, Mike Hainstock, Lindsy Halleckson, Lindsey Heiden, Matt Hirvonen, John Hubbard, Steven Hughes, Carol Irving, Dustin Johnson, Brian Kakas, Keith Kaziak, ReneƩ Kirchenwitz, Jim Krausman, Barret Lee, Scott Leipski, Christine Lenzen, Michael Letts, Alex Maier, John McCoy, John McKaig, Renee Michaud, Susan Mikutowski, Jessica Mongeon, Eric Mueller, Craig Neeson, Paul Nelson, Tilton + Oeler, Russell Prather, Kyle Rambatt, Amy Rice, Eileen Rieman-Schaut, Paul Rose, Patrick St. Germain, Alanna Stapleton, Holly Streekstra, M. Parker Stuart, Tracy Wascom, Lyz Wendland.

My piece is "Our History: On the Table; it's a history of the people of Mackinac Island, from the distant past to the present.

For a full explanation of the piece and many more photos, click HERE.

We'll be at the opening tomorrow evening and can't wait to see the entire show!

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