Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Found Another One!

I have a somewhat odd obsession: attempting to match surviving mid-19th century stitched artifacts to period published patterns.

And I've found another one!!!

The ubiquitous "Mrs. Jane Weaver" has presented us with a "Head-Dress for Breakfast" in the October 1864 Peterson's Magazine, described as follows:

Take a simple square of white tarleton, trim with narrow black ribbon, and pin it quite forward on the front of the head; and you have the head-dress complete. 

And I've previously created my interpretation, based on the original artifact, several years ago.

This is a case of finding something completely off topic while researching a specific topic; it seems to happen nearly every time I leaf through my Godey's and Peterson's, one of the reasons I prefer to take the time to go page by page, as opposed to doing an online search.

Here's the original artifact, the resemblance to Mrs. Jane Weaver's depiction is striking, although not identical; the maker altered the materials and colors to suit her needs.

And here's my interpretation, again altered a bit to suit my needs. Complete details here.

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  1. Thank goodness there are still folks around to create these pieces again! The woman, back in the day, were true artists weren't they! Handwork is by the wayside so I love when I see some work, such as yours and others! Thanks for sharing