Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hey, It's Cold Out Here!

Mackinac winters are typically cold and we often have bright blue skies that make the "crisp" temperatures almost pleasant.

The random snowmen are appearing again this year; this one is beside a path through the woods - where else will they show up this winter?

And we have some days that are liking living in a snow-globe: big, fat flakes floating from the skies:

Very occasionally, we have an ice storm; it's amazing how a coating of ice can transform everything it touches.

Only a tiny bit of shore ice so far:

It doesn't seem likely that these Christmas trees will be used to mark the ice bridge this year!

Cold temperatures, snow and ice don't stop a thing here, and what a pleasure to NOT have to drive in it!

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  1. It is actually quite peaceful looking!!! Wonderful pics!