Monday, September 6, 2010

How Many Shades of Blue?

Sky and water - innumerable shades of exquisite blues, just another day here on Mackinac!

The impromptu artists have been quite busy, there must be hundreds of structures circling the shore, some simple, some immense and some showing both creativity and ingenuity - here's Arch Rock in miniature and on the north side of the Island:

And a couple more interesting pieces near British Landing:

I love the ephemeral nature of these constructs, they have such a fleeting lifespan.

It's proof positive that Mackinac is full of creative inspiration, visitors taking the time to create these types of structures, using only the natural materials at hand.

How many shades of blue?

Impossible to know, they change as we watch and does the number really matter...or is it more important that we paused, took a moment to observe and absorb our surroundings, allowed them to fill us with creative inspiration?

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  1. when i lived in northern calif i always used note cards that were made from photographs to share yosemites beauty. since moving back to michigan i have searched high and low for wonderful photo based note cards to share the beauty of the great lakes area and have not had any luck. these are a fine example of what i would love to send to all our friends in calif that have no concept of the great lakes and their beauty. what a wonderful post-thank you.