Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Found It

I responded to a request for Bead Journal Project photos to be used in an article about the project in Creative Beading an Australian publication and was selected to be included.

It's taken me weeks to track down a copy of the issue, but I finally found one in Traverse City.

Well, I'm disappointed.

The article was NOT about the Bead Journal project and my work was simply included as "filler photos" on an article entitled "Beading In The Cooler Months". While the photos are labeled with my name, there is NO contact information provided.

What do you think - was I used or am I being too sensitive?


  1. No, you're not being too sensitive. That's inexcusable for a publication. At the very least they should have included your contact information. Booo!

  2. Sorry for you disappointment! Hopefully people will google you. The beading is beautiful!

  3. That's inexcusable! You should not only have been given credit for your work, they should also have given contact information for those readers who might be interested! You should write them and demand a correction!