Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pushing the Leaves Aside

It's autumn and the trees are ablaze with color.

But due to all the rain in the past few weeks, we have an absolute bumper crop of fall fungus and their varied forms and colors can definitely pull your eyes away from those trees.

The fungus literally have to push the fallen leaves aside to emerge in all their vivid colors, little jewels on the forest floor.

Many more closely resemble the residents of a coral reef, with their rings, gills, ruffles and frills; they almost seem out of place in such a land based setting.

I've been mulling the idea of a series of bead projects inspired by these beautiful specimens - the textures, colors and contrasts provide lots of potential for creativity.
Beads? Paint? Fabric?


  1. There is beauty in everything isn't there! Even 'fungus'!

  2. There are a lot of fungus amongst us here too. I was blowing some leaves off the lawn this afternoon and found some mushrooms I've never seen before. I wish I had taken a photo. Maybe tomorrow if they're still there. Your fungus shots are beautiful~ thanks for sharing!