Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Orange and Blue - a very 1860's color combo and I initially thought that was my inspiration for my color choices on this beaded bag I recently finished.

But I'm coming to the conclusion that inspiration is seldom so simple to define or even recognize.

Isn't it possible I was influenced by the brilliant blue skies and blazing foliage we so recently were enjoying?

Or the brilliant orange walls in my living space?

Or was it simply random?

Personally, I think artists are influenced by absolutely everything they see or experience - it all goes in and how it comes back out depends on how deep we are willing to go, how much we are willing to reveal, how much we are willing to experiment, and allowing ourselves to fail sometimes.

It doesn't always need to be serious, look at "Confetti" - it's a party of a bag, with stripes and polka dots, fringe and ruffles. It moves and swirls, just like those autumn leaves twirl through the sky; it would be perfect to have swinging on your arm as you go about your routine and maybe will inspire some experiences of your own!

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  1. so pretty - i like the photo of the beautiful michigan blue sky and flaming orange tree.