Friday, November 26, 2010

Maybe I Pushed It TOO Far...

I enjoy learning and/or creating new beading techniques, and I really love to push the techniques in directions that no one expects - my bead embroidered silk transfer images are a good example, what started as just a bit of simple surface embellishment has become increasingly complex. I keep experimenting with a variety of techniques to better capture the textures and dimensions of the different subjects.

But I think I may have went to far...

Here's the photo I started with:

My thought was to create custom "portrait bags", a long lasting remembrance for ladies attending the annual "Somewhere in Time" weekend each October. Many of these ladies have invested large amounts of time and money assembling their ensembles, for a once in a lifetime experience.

What do you think - good idea or a bit too much?


  1. i like the idea but the face ----hmmmm. keep working on this - the somewhere in time ladies will love it

  2. I just found your blog and I am intrigued with all of your new ideas for beading. I think this bag is spectacular! What a great keepsake. I look forward to all your new posts.