Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sister Dresses - Update

The "sister" dresses made their debut at the Greenfield Village Civil War Remembrance event this past weekend - and they were definitely a hit!

The fit was acceptable, a little large, but that's okay - it leaves some room for the inevitable growth of little ones. The loose princess cut was also great considering the very hot weather, a bit more comfortable than a dress with a waist band. These dresses were intended as casual, play wear, not high style and the girls really seemed to enjoy wearing them.

The girls were asked to participate in the fashion show:

They had a great time and were a favorite of the audience, receiving a resounding round of applause.


  1. Lovely! Glad to hear they were appreciated. Thanks for the update.

  2. Oh, I remember them! They were so cuuute, and so well behaved in the fashion show! (From a fellow fashion show participant.) :D