Sunday, October 16, 2011

Roadtrip 2011 - ArtPrize

ArtPrize - what an incredible experience!!!

It's over for 2011, but I can't wait for next year - ArtPrize is about art obviously, but it's also an experiment designed to engage every aspect of society in participating in art - as an artist, as a viewer, as a critic, as a participant.

Grand Rapids, Michigan is the location for venues as diverse as the Grand Rapids Art Museum to a beauty salon, a great location for this painting of Barbie

Some pieces require viewer participation, like this one that can be viewed as is or through hanging prisms:

This one is literally a puzzle:

Here, you are building the exhibit:

Some artists have a statement to share, whether regarding the environment, such as this piece constructed of discarded junk:

The whale leaping from a sea of plastic bottles was quite impressive!

As, was this field of sunflowers, which represents a mere 4.5 seconds of plastic water bottles usage in the US:

These gigantic birds, formed of tires picked up off the highway, were visually stunning - both in their forms and material.

Many artists chose to work with unusual materials - how about Post-it notes?

Or drywall?

Or Lego's?

Some pieces just make you smile!

Some make you think or wonder:

The most unique part of ArtPrize is the method of choosing the winners - we, the public, decide.

And the top prize is $250, 000!!!

We spent two full days and while we saw close to 1,000 pieces, we missed nearly 600. We saw work that made us think, made us smile, made us laugh out loud - and as a result we definitely plan on attending next year. I hope you do too!

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