Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walk in the Woods

A combination of many personal commitments and windy/wet weather have kept me out of the woods, but I made it yesterday afternoon - and I was so happy to be there!

Peak color is , of course, past, but bright color can still be seen here and there. The real interest is on the forest floor:

This guy thought they were pretty interesting too:

I saw dozens of squirrel, all scurrying about, fattening up for winter. The birds are equally busy, with chickadees and juncos the most active in late afternoon. I was fortunate enough to spot a pileated woodpecker; they're one of my favorites, looking somewhat prehistoric as they glide from tree to tree:

Late fall beauty is subtle, depending more on texture and form then color:

And if Spring is all about the wildflowers, Fall is all about the fungus - equally beautiful, but frequently overlooked:

To appreciate this time of year, you need to slow down, look a little closer, study the details - like this tiny puddle, held in the cup of a fallen leaf:

Or this lovely little autumnal vignette, arranged by nature itself:

Or this little "forest" of moss and lichen:

Fall is my favorite time of year and yesterday's walk was splendid, the colors, the forms, the light, the scent of the fallen leaves and the sounds those leaves make as you move along the paths - make time to slow down and enjoy the season!

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