Monday, October 31, 2011

A Winding Journey - The Start of a Long Term Project

Labyrinths are ancient; labyrinths have been found all over the world dating from the earliest antiquity. Their origins are lost in the mists of time. The labyrinth was a central feature in many of the European Roman Catholic churches in the middle ages and many of these still exist today. The most famous of these remaining labyrinths is at Chartres Cathedral near Paris, France. The labyrinth at Chartres was built around 1200 and is a classic 11-course form. It was walked as a pilgrimage and/or for repentance.

I've had a long term fascination with labyrinths - it's pretty easy to see where the inspiration for
"Palm Up/Palm Down" came from!

Grand Hotel has a beautiful labyrinth tucked away in their gardens; it's a wonderfully peaceful experience to walk it's twisting path.

Awhile back, I purchased this canvas mat, printed with a depiction of the labyrinth at Chartres. It's just been sitting around - one of those "what was I thinking?" kind of things.

Every beader knows that all projects result in unused beads: random bits and bobs, too much to discard, but not really enough to use - except for bead soup and I sure don't need anymore of that!

So here's my thought: at the conclusion of each project, all those "leftovers" will be stitched to the canvas, slowly wending their way to the center in non-planned steps of color.

The end result is unknown, as is the time frame for completion - years, I suspect!

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