Sunday, December 23, 2012

A World Transformed

It stormed this week, after hours of rain, Mackinac was blanketed in snow and we awoke to a world transformed.

The previously unremarkable became incredible when covered with a coating of white.

And sometimes even unrecognizable, abstract natural forms.

We were surrounded by scenes that are Christmas season cliches - but every cliche has a nugget of truth

The everyday became something new.

Familiar settings changed, subtly renewed in a seemingly magical act of nature.

Everything has been altered, slightly moved from it's proper position - trees which should be upright, curved and bowed by the weight of ice and snow. Branches hang, blocking the paths with frozen white fringes.

A storm like this is devastating in most places - vehicle traffic slowed or halted, accidents, planes grounded, power outages, etc. But here on Mackinac, without cars, snow makes it easier to get around. We had some problems, 80+ trees came down and some brief power issues. It never lasts long, wind and sun will quickly deposit the sun on the ground, returning us to a normal winter scene - but it's just so completely glorious while it lasts!

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